Employee Free Choice Act

Labor Northland

The Employee Free Choice Act is labor’s top legislative goal. Defeating it is a major objective for business interests. In order to build widespread support, the Act will need to appeal to a number of distinct constituencies: union members who must be convinced that higher union density in the labor force will enhance worker power; non-union workers who can see the benefits of union membership and must see the Act as a means to achieve it for themselves; and members of the public at large who support workers struggles or see unionization as a path to rebuild our communities, economy and public well-being through an increased standard of living and greater democratic voice in the work world.

This selection of buttons offer a range of slogans to build support for the act from a number of angles. Order them in any combination (or in combination with any of our other button designs) for quantity discounts. See which messages resonate with your members or neighbors.

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