Life After Northland


Some of the functions fulfilled by Northland Poster Collective will continue in other forms. Here are some of them:

  • Custom union tee shirts.
    Our screen printing operation has spun off as an independent union shop. It is operated by the same printers who maintained our much admired product quality. Aztech Graphics has been handling our screen printing needs and servicing Northlands client base for over a year already.
  • Northland t-shirt designs.
    As of now, it will be possible to order Northland’s T-shirt designs but only in quantity. They can be ordered for unions, organizations or for resale. There is not currently a way to order a mix of individual items as you could from Northland.
  • Custom union buttons.
    River City Buttons is the shop within the shop that produces Northland’s in-house and custom buttons. It will continue to produce buttons to order.
  • Northland buttons.
    Northland button designs can be ordered from River City Buttons in quantities. There is not a source for ordering mixes of individual buttons.
  • Posters and cards.
    Northland artist Ricardo Levins Morales (who is responsible for a large part of Northland’s artistic production) will be opening his own studio. He will also open an online store to continue making his art available. This will be in the form of posters and note cards. Cards will continue to be available through him for quantity orders and organizational use. Items can be purchased as single items or in combined orders. It will be several months from the closing of Northland until the opening of Ricardo’s store.
  • Art and design.
    Several of Northland’s past artists will continue to offer art, design and layout services. These will be listed along with their areas of specialty and contact information.

Further information. After Northland closes, a Northland legacy web page will be posted with links to these services and any others that are developed. There will also be a blog on which to discuss how Northland affected your corner of the world (or whatever thoughts you care to share).